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Boombox Compilation

To get your copy, come to the festival and buy $5 or more of ANY of the Boombox Bands merch. So, if you really like Yonder for example, (We do!), you just go buy a CD or a T-shirt or anything else that costs $5 or more and you get a copy of the Boombox Compilation in addition to sweet stuff from your new favorite band!

BAB compilation

Many thanks to:

Trading Musician for supporting the festival and specifically making the 2 disk compilation a possibility!  (http://www.tradingmusician.com/)

Benjamin Violet for the artwork.  (http://benjamjamjam.com/)

Adam Prairie at Hoot House Recordings for the sequencing and mastering.  (http://hoothouse.com/)

Pip McCaslin at REALTIME in Seattle for cutting us a deal to manufacture the CDs (http://realtimepip.com)

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