Submissions for Big Boombox 2018 are OPEN!

Interested in playing Big Ass Boombox?


  • Band/Artist Name
  • Tell us little bit about yourself
  • Links to music ♪ (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube etc…)
  • Where else are you on the internet? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…)
  • Past shows/venues you have performed (if applicable)

A few things you should know:

– Fitting 30 bands on 2 stages in two days is difficult, but it can be done. Each band will play 25 minute sets, and as much gear as possible will be back-lined (drums in particular will have to be shared to make the setup times work).

– This festival is completely organized on a volunteer basis, including the bands. Meaning there is no pay. Please be sure you and your bandmates understand this. However, we’re organizing a couple things to help you sell a bunch of merch when you perform. I know not getting paid is kinda lame, but we’re hoping to make up for that by giving you enhanced opportunities to push your music and merch to new crowds. Turnout the last two years has been well over 1000, so we feel confident we can get you in front of a new, enthusiastic crowd. Just so you didn’t miss it before: THERE IS NO PAY.

Submission Deadline: Midnight of November 17th, 2017!


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