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Big Thanks and Digital compilation!

Thank you to everyone who participated as a musician, as a volunteer, as a sponsor and as an audience member for Big Ass Boombox 2016!  It was a huge success thanks to all the hard work and talent in the Seattle music scene.  If you want a taste of what boombox was like, or if you want to reminisce, you can check out the compilations from all three years on our BAB Bandcamp site!  (  Happy Listening!

BAB comp 2016



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Chinook Book enters the scene!

We are happy to have Chinook Book on board this year!  We love how they put a ton of responsible local businesses all in one place to help support our community.  Sorta like how Boombox brings the music community together!

Check em out:


Support businesses that give back, and save money while you’re at it.

Chinook Book helps you save money at local businesses that do good things for the environment and the community.